2-axis positioning system EL 2/1
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The 2-axis-positioning system EL 2/1 is a highly dynamic pick & place system designed specifically for low-mass flat parts. By overlapping of two movements very short cycle times can be realised.
Alignment unit
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The alignment unit is a compact drive system, which includes two linear and one rotary NC - movements in smallest workspace. Adjusting and testing devices are the perfect applications. This high precision unit is built with a center bore which enables the work with backlight and the cable feed through.
Cantilever axes
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Cantilever axes are specialised linear units for the vertical or horizontal use. Their biggest advantage is the stationary motor.
Blister tape reeling machine smallTAPER
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IEF-Werner provides an automatic taper for the packaging of SMD devices. The unit is available ias an inline or standalone device.
Decentral servo drive
The decentral servo drive is a motor with integrated servo amplifier and resolver. Two sizes are available. Up to 100 driving sets can be saved in the motor by operating software.
Direct drives
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The linear drives of euroLINE series with integrated linear motor, position sensor and guide are a ready-to-install solution with reduced engineering effort. Even several independent motors on one guide are possible.
DT 80/100
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The rotary table with its compact dimensions, high parts accuracy and the soft movement process is used as an attachment in connection with other components in the commercial area.
Energy chain guide system noiseLESS
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When using power chains an enormously disturbing noise arises. The noiseLESS system reduces these noises by more than 20 decibel.
Guide rails and high-precision adjusters
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For various applications IEF-Werner offers roller or sliding guides. If these guide rails are used in a complete guiding system one speaks of a slide unit, briefly slide.
Handling components
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The pneumatic gripping, turning and sliding modules permit easy combination with the construction kit system and thus best diversity of solutions.
Conveyor belts MINITRANS
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With our wide range of conveyor belts we are able to solve various transport operations. Our modularly structured standard versions enable an uncomplicated and economic adjustment to any customer requirement respectively any ambient condition.
Coordinate tables
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Coordinate tables - particularly robust! They are particularly suitable for drilling or milling applications.
Laboratory wheel gauging system R2010
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The patented wheel gauging system R2010 was developed for measuring geometrical characteristics of motor vehicle wheels. It combines the functions collection of measuring data, measuring process as well as calculation and displaying of the measured characteristics in one system.
linear units in an explosive atmosphere
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For the usage in an explosive atmosphere IEF Werner offers linear units and even positioning systems.
Manual rotary adjusters and NC-rotary tables
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Manual rotary adjusters and NC-rotary tables for various application ranges - now with useful hollow shaft. Advantage: A hollow shaft allows the engineer additional scope to hide tubes and cables.
Manual adjusters domiLINE
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This adjustment slide system will meet any individual requirement. Every axis configuration is conceivable. Whether X-Y, X-Z, X-Y-Z or X-Y-Y-Y or, or, or... In order to cover the whole range of applications, 30, 50, 80 and 120 mm slide widths are available as standard sizes. Complete with spindle and readyassembled.
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nanoLINE is suitable for the assembly of smallest components which requres highest assembly precision. The modular bodywork features high flexibility for different assembly requirements. The desktop factory is implemented for the
first time. The low installation size allows a process in the mini-environment.
Innovations 2017
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Having the idea itself, is not yet sufficient! That‘s the motto for the year 2017.
Levelling elements
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Levelling elements are designed for applications where an accurate adjustment is required. They consist of a levelling screw (fine thread) and a spherical washer. These elements are ideally suitable for levelling of assembly surfaces, that can be machined mechanically with high efforts only.
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Control for servo motors installed into a control cabinet. The PA-CONTROL Smart is a control, which can control up to 16 servo motors and direct drives. The compact appliance is provided for device wall mounting.
Palletising systems
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In modern assembly lines an orderly and gentle transfer of the workpieces is required. An intermediate buffering is also often required. The IEF palletising systems are aligned to flexible factory automation and demand-oriented material flow.
Passenger car wheel gauging system R2010
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The patented wheel gauging system R2010 was developed for measuring geometrical characteristics of motor vehicle wheels. It combines the functions collection of measuring data, measuring process as well as calculation and displaying of the measured characteristics in one system.
Pneumatic modules
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The pneumatic gripping, turning and linear modules can be combined easily due to the modular design principle and thus allow an optimal solution range.
Positioning system in stainless steel version
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In the production of contact lenses this stainless steel handling system is used to place the lenses into workpiece carriers.
Positioning systems | spindle, toothed belt, direct drives, cantilever axes
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Users of positioning systems appreciate individual complete solutions. As they are put into operation und are ready for production quickly - and thus save time and money.
Product overview
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To create sophisticated ideas is not a pure chance at IEF-Werner. It is the result of over 30 years of experience in the creation of modular components and applications. This creative process is daily ensured by more than 130 employees. Our modular components enable the realisation of customised machines in a very short time.
Control cabinets for servo positioning units
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IEF Werner is known as supplier for linear units equipped with motors, wiring, energy chain system, amplifi ers and control unit. If required the IEF control components are installed completely into an operational control cabinet.
Slide size 30
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The new model range of miniature slides with dovetail guides is especially made for small areas. They are suited for moving and positioning sensors, limited switches or something similar. Their solid construction in gray cast iron, make them suitable for handling machines.
Trainings PA-CONTROL
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One up to three-day training for operating or service personnel or programmers.
Swivel arm units
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As a manufacturer of automation solutions, we have to face the challenge of increasing the productivity of our machines. In order to solve these problems, innovative, flexible and simple automation components are required. For fast and precise automation tasks our rotary actuators miniSPIN and rotaryARM are most suitable.
Servo presses aiPRESS
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aiPRESS servo presses are used to produce accurate and reproduceable joinings. They offer optimal possibilities in customising the joining process to your needs. Process factors such as feed force, running speed, positioning time and accuracy can be adapted precisely by using a large number of optional components.
Spindle drives
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The IEF positioning units with spindle drive of profiLINE series were developed to combine the excellent features of a linear axis with the characteristics of a precisional slide.
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The control stepTEC for small stepper motors enables a fast and cost effective realisation of simple applications for small loads and speeds. The connection to superior control units is realised via Ethernet.
Control technology
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With a new generation of the thousandfold proven control unit PA-CONTROL Touch IEF-Werner sets standards with reference to price, performance and functionality.
Touch Screen Terminal
For operator guidance IEF Werner provides the possibility of a graphic presentation of processes.The Touch-Screen Terminal is available in 5 sizes and is connected to the PA-CONTROL by CAN bus.
Workpiece carrier transport system posyART
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With posyART you will easily realise individual production processes. For this, IEF Werner offers a clearly structured modular concept for project planning which is tailored to your requirements.
Toothed belt drives
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Linear units with toothed belt drive allow you an efficient and reasonable solution of your handling task.
Toothed belt drives Module 160/15 C
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Many different aspects are relevant for the selection of suitable linear units. The length has a central role. For this reason, the Modul 160/15 C variant was added to the Modul 160/15. This linear unit is 124 mm shorter than the standard variant.
Toothed belt drives Module 80/15 ZR10
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The linear axis Modul 80/15 is a versatile complete mechatronic system for single or multi-axis movements. IEF Werner added the new variant Modul 80/15 ZR10 to the linear axis family. Higher load with proven compact size and shorter cycle times indicate these variants.

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