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APP5009_Commissioning Manual servoTEC S2
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This commissioning manual describes work with the programmes S2 Commander and WINPAC.
APP5010_Wiring LV-servoTEC S2
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In this application document, the user is given information regarding proper wiring specifically regarding the EMERGENCY OFF function with protective door monitoring and EMERGENCY OFF function without protective door monitoring.
APP5016_Opening of the protective door at a PA-CONTROL with servoTEC S2 axes
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How the axes can or may be moved on after being switched off. To solve this task, there are axis parameters, system-R-register, system markers and commands in the PA-CONTROL for which sensible application is discussed in this application document.
APP5021_servoTEC S2 - Drive via digital inputs and outputs
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Description and information on: Setting of the parameters for the digital inputs and outputs, positioning, Jogging mode, referencing mode, settings in the error management, functional example with up to four destination positions, functional example with up to 16 destination positions.
APP5028_Control of the servoTEC S2 via CANopen
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A servoTEC S2 is to be controlled via the CAN bus (CANopen) by a master, a PLC or a PC. The following is described in this manual: Wiring with EMERGENCY OFF and safety door monitoring, configuration of the servoTEC S2 with bus mapping, monitoring with heartbeat or node guarding, examples of the PDO communication
APP5038_Substitution of controllers in machines
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This application note shows, how to substitute a drive controller for example in case of service purposes.
APP_5039_PA-CONTROL with standard screens
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The possibility to control the surface of PA-CONTROL out of the PA_CONTROL programs. This application notes describes: output texts, input values and guide the operator.

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