Workpiece carrier transport systems


Configuration possibility

Conveyor belt | IEF-Werner

smallFLEX - smartly controlled

An automatized assembly of products requires special specifications of the used production technology. Often small changes of the product have a direct impact on the subsequent assembly processes. The production system has to be adapted - but in most instances this leads to machine down time.

The modular and flexibly customisable good carrier transport system smallFLEX allows modification, maintenance and even module exchange during running operation. This is made possible by decentral logistics control with RFID technology and true “plug & play” functionality of all smallFLEX system components. For this purpose, some smallFLEX system components are equipped with autarkic control modules that can be networked with each other arbitrarily by Ethernet.

Production space - especially in tidy or clean rooms - is expensive. smallFLEX allows manufacturing in very narrow spaces, thanks to extremely compressed and compact components. smallFLEX transports good carriers with a size of 80 x 80 mm with a height of 30 mm. Therefore it is ideally suitable for micro and precision engineering.


  • modular assembly system architecture for micro and precision engineering
  • consistent interface concept to ensure adaptability to different tasks
  • scalability - even with the integration of manual process steps
  • open approach for the integration of proprietary modules
  • module replacement possible during running operation
  • optimal accessibility of all system components
  • start-up and test production possible without reference to the production line

Detailed view of a base unit

Base unit smallFLEX | IEF-Werner


Transport systems smallFELX base table | IEF-Werner
Transport systems smallFLEX base station | IEF-Werner
smallFLEX Conveyor belt | IEF-Werner

Base table

Base station

Conveyor belt

smallFLEX Switch| IEF-Werner
smallFLEX Index | IEF-Werner
smallFLEX Pick & place - linear | IEF-Werner



Pick & Place - linear

small FLEX Pick & Place - piezo | IEF-Werner
smallFLEX Conveyor belt | IEF-Werner
smallFLEX Conveyor belt | IEF-Werner

Pick & Place - piezo

Logistics belt


small FLEX Curve | IEF-Werner

Curve 90° / 180°

Micro assembly

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