Control technology

Option 1: workpiece carrier circulation with PA-CONTROL

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A simple workpiece circulation is implemented with the IEF control PA-CONTROL in version 1. All stop and centring stations are controlled via the CAN-interface bus technology. There is an IO interface intended for communication with the automatic stations. 

Option 2: Workpiece carrier circulation with recognition system

Workpiece carrier recognition systems are used additionally in version 2. They are used for targeted assignments of the workpiece to the corresponding secondary route. There is a PLC control centre available for this. As superordinate bus system, the Profibus DP is used that connects the peripherals with the PLC.

Option 3 : Control center solution transLOGIC

The end development stage is used in version 3 with the process control technology transLOGIC. It combines plant overview, plant status, plant management and order administration in one product. The plant is controlled via a PC with a soft PLC. At the same time, it can be connected to the customer's PPS system via Ethernet. Remote maintenance can be implemented by Internet (VPN tunnel).

Plant Overview

  • plant layout
  • status overview of the individual plant parts

Plant status

  • automatic
  • setup
  • operator request
  • interference

Plant management

  • diagnosis functions 
  • control log 
  • cycle time recording 

Order management

  • order setup
  • current order status (piece number/remaining piece number)
  • linking with customer's PPS system
Transfer line
Workpiece carrier
Reader head
Curve 90°
Curve 180°
Point unit
Stopping and centering station
Passive belt lowering
Centering unit with active skip
Tilting technology
Lifting unit
Lift-out station
Rotary lifting station
Lateral positioning
Clamping element
Base frame
Manual work station
Up-down level assembly
Control technology

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