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Servo presses

The IEF servo presses produce precise and reproducible joints. A flexible setup permits integration into production lines as well as installation in manual work places.

Standard cells

The new standard cell positiones three axes without moving motors. The modular concept allows the adaption to your individual applications.


Palletising systems by IEF-Werner are aligned with flexible factory automation and demand-oriented material flow. They are suitable for integration at processing centres, Scara robots and transport routes.

Wheel gauging machines | IEF-Werner
Transport systems | IEF-Werner

Wheel gauging machines

The patented IEF wheel gauging machines were developed to measure geometric features at car wheels. They combine the function of measuring value recording, measuring process, calculation and illustration of the measured features in a single device.

Transport systems

Use the transport & positioning systems by IEF-Werner to implement your individual process chains. Everything from the straight transfer route between automatic stations or manual workplaces to branched transport systems is possible.

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