Rotary adjuster

Application examples

Rotary adjuster

DT 80/100

Rotary adjuster

DT 80/100 with motor equipement provided by the customer

Rotary adjuster

DT 80/100 with LED

Rotary adjuster

DT 100/140

Rotary adjuster

TP 004

Rotary adjuster

miniTURN 100

Positioning system H-Portal | IEF-Werner
Palletising system varioSTACK CF | IEF-Werner
Standard cell roboCELL | IEF-Werner

Positioning system H-Portal

The H-Portal is a positioning system which ist arranged in a cartesian form. It is available in 3 different expansion stages. All drive motors of this positioning system are fastened stationary.

Palletiser varioSTACK CF

The new palletising system for clean room usages. It is suitable for class ISO 8 or rather class D.

Assembly station roboCELL

The new standard cell positions three axes without moving motors. The modular concept allows the adaption to your individual applications.

Linear drives

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