Manual adjusters

Precision adjusters

Precision adjuster Type M 30 | IEF-Werner
Precision adjuster Type M | IEF-Werner
Precision adjuster Type H | IEF-Werner

Type M 30

Type M 30 is a miniature slide with micrometre knob and dovetail or cross roller guides. The guide is especially made for small areas.

Type M

Slides of Type M are complete guide units with a micrometre knob which allows sensitive positioning of the guide unit.

Type H

The slides type H are complete guide units with a handwheel, which allows the rapid adjustment of larger strokes.


Slides Type O without end plates | IEF-Werner
Slides Type E with end plates installed | IEF-Werner

Type O

Without end plates

  • carriage outer and inner part of the same length
  • high stroke by running over the basic carriage length into the respective direction

Type E

With installed end plates

  • end plates permit subsequent installation of shock absorbers, cylinders, measuring systems, proximity switches, etc.

Adjustment units

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