Manual adjusters

Linear adjusters

Linear adjuster Standard adjuster | IEF-Werner
Linear adjuster High-precision adjusters | IEF-Werner
Linear adjuster Coordinate tables | IEF-Werner

Standard adjusters

Infinite diversity! The spindle-driven slide system domiLINE made of aluminium.

High-precision adjusters

The high-precision carriages are made of high-quality cast iron GG 25. On request, they can also be made chemically nickel-plated or in anodised aluminium.

Coordinate tables

Coordinate tables - particularly robust! They are particularly suitable for drilling or milling applications.

Rotary adjusters

Rotary tables MDV Standard | IEF-Werner
Rotary tables MDV with hollow shaft | IEF-Werner


The rotary adjusters of the MDV series made of stainless steel have quick and fine adjustment functions. For diverse use.

... with hollow shaft

The rotary adjusters of the MDV series 80/100 and 100/140 have a hollow shaft, e.g. to place hoses and cables. They are made of aluminium and stainless steel.

Adjustment units

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