Control technology

Control concept

With a new generation of the thousandfold proven control unit PA-CONTROL Touch IEF-Werner sets standards with reference to price, performance and functionality. From the simple positioning task up to complex control processes, IEF offers "one" control unit for all automation tasks.

The PA-CONTROL Touch combines the motion and NC-functionality with a fully adequate PLC - including touchscreen display - in one hardware platform.

In order to organise the training period effectively, IEF-Werner offers - several times a year - comprehensive workshops and trainings. Only basic knowledges in electrical engineering are required.


  • low initial costs
  • easy operating
  • high reliability
  • flexible and open system architecture


Each control has free slots available and can thus be flexibly and quickly expanded as you wish. We offer a wide-spread communication and peripheral connection, such as

  • in- and outputs
  • AS-i Master (up to 4 AS-i Master => 4x128E/128A)
  • AD-converter 12 Bit
  • ProfibusDP (matching PLC function components)*
  • interbus S*
  • RS232-interfaces (up to 4 )*
  • CANopen*
  • SSI-interface
  • operating console

PA-CONTROL is modularly exandable to an up to 16-axis NC control that can linearly interpolate four axes. Using PA-CAM renders the control CNC-capable.

* ONLINE operation possible as well: No customer-specific programme is stored on the control. All datas are received and processed via the interface in sequence. Benefit: Programming in the customer's own language!


LabVIEW is a graphical programming platform, that allows engineers to cover the entire spectrum - from draft to testing application - of small as well as large systems. The platform offers completely new possibilities for the integration of PA-CONTROL. LabVIEW provides tools for a faster and more effective solution of today‘s problems as well as potential for future innovations. The LabVIEW interface will be available by default for all PA-CONTROL models as from version 6.xx.


Modbus-TCP is a combination of the wide spread network (Ethernet) with the omnipresent network standard (TCP/IP). It can be easily imprementated and hence facilitates the communication in industrial networks. The Modbus communication protocoll is the only one which contains a “well known port (port 502)”, which renders remote accesses via the internet possible. Mostly in maintenance works this is an advatage.

Command set

A comprehensive, simple to learn NC/PLC command set is available:

  • positioning
  • I/O processing
  • retention and monitoring times
  • commands of programme organisation
  • special functions (e.g. measuring mode)
  • processing of ASCII characters form PTX-files
  • dialogue-oriented text and value out-/input
  • register mapping on outputs and markers
  • computing operations
  • comparison operations
  • commands for logical links
  • programme organisations for multitasking
  • CANopen communications commands
  • multitasking

Up to 47 programmes can be processed at once. The complete command set is available in each of these programmes. Thus, the axes can be positioned from any task.

Control technology

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