Guide rails | IEF-Werner
Manual adjusters | IEF-Werner
Linear drives | IEF-Werner

Guide rails

The IEF-Werner longitudinal guides are available as sliding or roller guide and characterised by high stiffness.

Manual adjusters

IEF-Werner offers a wide range of accurate, manual adjusters for any kind of linear and rotary positioning task.

Linear drives

Different linear drives for dynamic proceeding, precision or powerful movement offer the right technology for any need.  

Swivel drives | IEF-Werner
Rotary tables | IEF-Werner
Control technology | IEF-Werner

Swivel drives

The IEF swivel arm modules for quick and precise automation tasks. Overlying speed of swivel arm and linear axis permits implementation of short cycle times.

Rotary tables

The rotary tables differ in build, accuracies and stiffness according to use.

Control technology

Controls with freely programmable graphical user interfaces and power electronics for servo or step motor technology.

Pneumatic modules | IEF-Werner
Transport belts | IEF-Werner

Pneumatic modules

The pneumatic gripping, turning and sliding modules permit easy combination with the construction kit system and thus best diversity of solutions.

Transport belts

Our wide range of conveyor belts permits solving diverse transport tasks.

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