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Micro-assembly cell sF 420

Micro-assembly cell sF 420

General view

Micro-assembly cell sF 420

Produkt handling

Micro-assembly cell sF 420

Pivot arm module at a measuring station

Micro-assembly cell sF 420

Rotary table with servo press aiPRESS

Micro-assembly cell sF 420

Servo press aiPRESS


For assembly of different micro-shafts, a double rotaryARM - a swivel arm module for quick pick and place tasks - with one suction gripper each is used. In a first work step, one of the suction grippers removes a high-precision shaft from the first screw conveyor pot. It takes this to the measuring station, where sensors measure the diameter and height of the step at the component. If the dimensions are not accurate, they are put in a pot labelled "rejects" or "rework". If the dimensions are within the tolerance, the gripper moves to the first image processing "position recognition" with the high-precision shaft, detects the rotating position there and puts the high-precision shaft in a workpiece receptacle that moves under the press on an X-axis in a defined position. There, a rotary table is ready. It is equipped with pins from another screw conveyor pot. The high-precision shaft is placed under the rotary table and pressured with three pins in sequence. The results are displayed on the screen based on a force-path curve. The workpiece carrier moves back to its home position on the X-axis with the pressed-in component. The first suction gripper removes it and moves to the second image processing with it, which checks the bores for chips. Depending on the result, the system sorts the complete components into "OK" or "Rework".


  • modular and flexibly expansible system architecture
  • reduced work space from Cartesian three-axis system
  • quick retrofitting and smooth tool change
  • seamless integration into production line
  • short cycle time by overlaid processes, i.e. shaft pre-inspection in parallel to pressing in
  • mechanical, electrical and control-technical connection of the screw conveyor pots to the assembly cell
  • commissioning and maintenance of the assembly cell independent from the line
  • no protective housing due to use of linear axes with low drive output
  • energy-saving work method

Technical data

outer diameter high-precision shafts 4.58 - 7.35 mm
shaft diameter high-precision shafts 1.5 - 2 mm
total length high-precision shafts 10.5 - 18.5 mm
cycle time 15 seconds per component
measuring accuracy ± 0.5 micrometer
control technology IEC-61131-based standard soft PLC
dimensions assembly cell (L x W) approx. 800 x 400 mm
weight assembly cell approx. 800 kg
Micro-assembly cell sF 420
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