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Filling devices for chemicals

Filling devices for chemicals

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Filling devices for chemicals

Dosage head for ampoules

Filling devices for chemicals

Double dosage head for bottles


The XYZ bottling device was developed to bottle chemicals in ampoules of different dimensions and volumes. The plant comprises of 3-axis handling system with replaceable dosage heads, collection tray with insert for rack and cardboard box filling, light curtain, control as well as control cabinet.


  • racks with two types of ampoules (50 ampoules à 170 ml or 100 ampoules à 60 ml)
  • boxes with bottles (144 bottles à 30 ml)
  • manual supply of the racks or boxes on a special receptacle
  • presence query by sensor before bottling
  • automatic bottling by dosage head after selection of the type-specific programme
  • double dosage head for bottles
  • simple, manual change of the type-dependent dosage heads

Technical data

stroke X-axis (module 115/42) 510 mm
stroke Y-axis (module 65/15 in parallel design) 400 mm
stroke Z-axis (profiLINE 70 AL) 180 mm
number of ampoules or bottle types 3
cycle time handling < 2 seconds
dimensions total plant (L x W x H) 1200 x 1000 x 2195 cm
Micro-assembly cell sF 420
Filling devices for chemicals
Dosage & turn-in station

Linear drives

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