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The German Donor`s association prized IEF-Werner with the seal of approval “innovative through research“:

created on: 29.11.2018

IEF-Werner with forward-looking solutions at the Intec:

created on: 27.11.2018

IEF-Werner Presents an Optimised Servo Press at the Industrial Fair ie:

created on: 23.11.2018

Roland Wertz, Manager Research & Development at IEF-Werner, about Trends in the Assembly Technology:

created on: 16.10.2018

IEF-Werner optimizes the servo presses of the aiPRESS series

created on: 20.08.2018

IEF-Werner Presents an Optimized Servo Press at the Motek 2018:

created on: 09.08.2018

For the development of a test application, IEF-Werner counts on the strength on its own components

created on: 14.06.2018

miniSPIN: Compact and Highly Dynamic Handling Unit

created on: 06.06.2018

IEF-Werner presents handling solutions at the automatica:

created on: 12.04.2018

Change of the IEF-Werner Management

created on: 19.03.2018

EU research project SelSus: IEF-Werner develops a self-optimizing linear axis

created on: 30.01.2018

IEF-Werner turntables meet individual requirements

created on: 19.12.2017

Manfred Bär, CEO of IEF-Werner, receives prize for his lifetime achievement

created on: 18.10.2017

IEF-Werner presents with the domiLINE series, aside from automatic adjusting units also efficient, manual adjusting units:

created on: 25.07.2017

IEF-Werner at the Motek: Automation technology for more efficient processes

created on: 17.07.2017

Automotive manufacturers rely on wheel-gauging machine of IEF-Werner

created on: 28.06.2017

Assembling fine and strong parts at the same time to a unit with the intelligent servo press by IEF-Werner

created on: 07.04.2017

Toothed belt axis allows a compact pick & place system for handling of different drilling tools

created on: 05.04.2017

IEF-Werner at the Medtec: Holistic palletiser concept to produce under clean room conditions

created on: 09.03.2017

IEF-Werner realises a flexible palletiser system for a carpule packaging machine

created on: 30.01.2017

IEF-Werner at the Intec: Automation technology for more efficient processes

created on: 25.01.2017

IEF-Werner at the i+e: Holistic palletiser concept for clean room usages.

created on: 07.12.2016

Learning factory 4.0 for the vocational school in VS-Schwenningen.

created on: 09.11.2016

varioSTACK CF: Holistic palletiser concept for clean room usages

created on: 05.09.2016

IEF-Werner at the Motek: A holistic palletiser concept for clean room usages

created on: 08.08.2016

Assembly, transfer and test systems for different toothed belt components

created on: 06.07.2016

Toothed belt axis module 115/25: for high loads and great strokes.

created on: 06.06.2016

domiLINE with electronic position display and bus interface.

created on: 13.05.2016

Innovative recycling of modular technologies for old and new factories.

created on: 26.04.2016

smallFLEX – modular and flexibly adaptable transport system for product carriers

created on: 24.02.2016

activTool - Tool for senior production employees :

created on: 18.01.2016

miniSPIN: compact and highly dynamical handling unit.

created on: 11.12.2015

A servo press machine is turned into a “servo measure” machine

created on: 02.12.2015

IEF online shop:

created on: 05.10.2015

IEF-Werner supports producers with assembly plants, which are pharmaceutically suitable

created on: 10.09.2015

nanoLINE: sophisticated propulsion technology on piezo-basis

created on: 05.08.2015

IEF-Werner at the Motek: Modular standard cell for individual applications:

created on: 05.08.2015

roboCell: Modular standardized cell for individual applications.

created on: 29.07.2015

IEF-Werner reduces product development process.

created on: 22.07.2015

IEF-Werner participates in EU research projects.

created on: 19.05.2015

Realise precise test device with IEF-Werner adjusting units domiLINE.

created on: 19.03.2015

noiseLESS: IEF-Werner guide system for energy chains ensures a considerably quieter work environment.

created on: 24.02.2015

Linear positioning systems as an economic handling alternative to robots.

created on: 12.11.2014

Pre-finished linear drives of IEF-Werner reduce construction effort.

created on: 28.10.2014

Special palletiser for the assembly of pharmaceutical products.

created on: 22.10.2014

IEF-Werner at PRODEX: energy-efficient automation and handling solutions.

created on: 17.10.2014

IEF-Werner wins second prize of handling award with innovative servo press series aiPRESS.

created on: 08.10.2014

IEF-Werner offers wide customer service.

created on: 01.09.2014

IEF-Werner measuring machine captures geometrical characteristics of passenger car wheels precisely and repeatably.

created on: 29.07.2014

IEF-Werner at Motek: energy-efficient automation and handling solutions.

created on: 24.07.2014

Rotary tables of IEF-Werner meet individual requirements.

created on: 14.07.2014

Special palletiser for the fast and accurate supply of inhalers.

created on: 30.06.2014

IEF-Werner at AUTOMATICA: precise and energy-efficient automation and handling solutions.

created on: 03.04.2014

Compact IEF-Werner palletising system varioSTACK can be flexibly adapt to various requirements.

created on: 25.03.2014

IEF-Werner receives new apprenticeship certificate of IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg.

created on: 06.03.2014
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