Multiple axis combinations

Positioning system H-Portal

The H-Portal is a cartesian positioning system, that is available in 3 different expansion stages. All motors of this positioning system are fastened stationary.



There are 3 different expansion stages of the H-portal

Positioning systems | IEF-Werner
  • X/Y/Z-System
    The X/Y/Z system can be expanded to a gantry with the linear unit Module 60/33.
  • X/Y/Z/W-System
    An optional turning unit at the Z-axis is available for demanding positioning tasks.



Description of function

Positioning systems | IEF-Werner

The belt in the X/Y-system is arranged in an H-shape. The movements in X and Y-direction are realised by one belt. The belt is fixed at the slide of the Y-axis. The drive takes place at one of the 180°-deflections at the X-axis. For a drive in X-direction, both motors have to be turned exactly oppositely, in Y-direction both
motors have to be turned synchronously. If one motor stands still, the system drives under 45°. The movements of X and Y are therefore dependent on both motors.



Technical data

stroke X (stroke increments 75 mm) 100 - 1525 mm
stroke Y (stroke increments 60 mm) 100 - 700 mm
stroke Z (stroke increments 40 mm) 110 - 550 mm
weight X/Y/Z system approx. 50 kg
moved mass X/Y/Z system in X/Y/Z direction 30 / 13.5 / 5 kg
moved mass X/Y system in X/Y direction 21 / 4.5 kg
weight increase per 100 mm stroke Y-axis 0.95 kg
weight increase per 100 mm stroke Z-axis 0.6 kg
recommended handling weight 4 kg
repeat accuracy +/- 0.05 mm
infeed constant without gear X/Y 140 mm / turn
infeed constant without gear Z 160 mm / turn
recommended size servo motor AM8032


    • no cables or motors are moved when driving the axes
    • smaller moved mass to lower circle times
    • no cable wear
    • time and cost saving construction by foregoing an expensive energy supply system
    • space saving
    • Fast an simple commissioning with the PA-CONTROL ipo
    • assembly of client specific motors on demand



    2-axis positioning system AL 2/15
    2-axis positioning system AL 2/16
    2-axis positioning system AL 2/17
    Module 160/15 GPA
    Positioning system H-Portal

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